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I so hope you can do this, I have over a 1000 occurrences of a of an instance that slightly changes through out the document that needs to be changed slightly and I was wondering if I can do this in notepad++

what I need to change is:

[[image:CWI155 ICS Work station setup_html_2b817479.gif||height="4" width="602"]]


{{lightbox image="CWI155 ICS Work station setup_html_2b817479.gif" height="4" width="602" group="a"/}}

Any help would be most grateful

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Try setting the search mode to "Regular expression" and using the following search/replace values.

Find what:

\[\[image:([^\|]+)\|\|height="(\d+)" width="(\d+)"\]\]

Replace with:

{{lightbox image="\1" height="\2" width="\3" group="a"/}}

If the image, height and width values are the changing parts this should do the trick.

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I haven't checked your regex, but I agree that regex's are the right approach. –  Ben Mordecai Jan 24 '13 at 15:52
Amazing Thanks a million –  Carl J Jan 25 '13 at 11:42

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