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Is there an if/else condition that I can use for an Ant task?

This is what i have written so far:

<target name="prepare-copy" description="copy file based on condition">
        <echo>Get file based on condition</echo>
    <copy file="${some.dir}/true" todir="."  if="true"/>

The script above will copy the file if a condition is true. What if the condition is false and I wish to copy another file? Is that possible in Ant?

I could pass a param to the above task and make sure the param that's passed is

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The if attribute does not exist for <copy>. It should be applied to the <target>.

Below is an example of how you can use the depends attribute of a target and the if and unless attributes to control execution of dependent targets. Only one of the two should execute.

<target name="prepare-copy" description="copy file based on condition"
    depends="prepare-copy-true, prepare-copy-false">

<target name="prepare-copy-true" description="copy file based on condition"
    <echo>Get file based on condition being true</echo>
    <copy file="${some.dir}/true" todir="." />

<target name="prepare-copy-false" description="copy file based on false condition" 
    <echo>Get file based on condition being false</echo>
    <copy file="${some.dir}/false" todir="." />

If you are using ANT 1.8+, then you can use property expansion and it will evaluate the value of the property to determine the boolean value. So, you could use if="${copy-condition}" instead of if="copy-condition".

In ANT 1.7.1 and earlier, you specify the name of the property. If the property is defined and has any value (even an empty string), then it will evaluate to true.

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This did the trick. thanks mate –  jonney Jan 25 '13 at 11:47

The quirky syntax using conditions on the target (described by Mads) is the only supported way to perform conditional execution in core ANT.

ANT is not a programming language and when things get complicated I choose to embed a script within my build as follows:

<target name="prepare-copy" description="copy file based on condition">
        if (properties["some.condition"] == "true") {
            ant.copy(file:"${properties["some.dir"]}/true", todir:".")

ANT supports several languages (See script task), my preference is Groovy because of it's terse syntax and because it plays so well with the build.

Apologies, David I am not a fan of ant-contrib.

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You can also do this with ant contrib's if task.

    <equals arg1="${condition}" arg2="true"/>
        <copy file="${some.dir}/file" todir="${another.dir}"/>
        <equals arg1="${condition}" arg2="false"/>
            <copy file="${some.dir}/differentFile" todir="${another.dir}"/>
        <echo message="Condition was neither true nor false"/>
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It should also be noted that ant contrib is no longer maintained. The last version is from 2008! –  Strinder Jun 14 '13 at 11:33
The last version 1.0b3 of ant-contrib which provides if/else, for, switch .. etc. is dated 2006-11-02 ! The cpptasks-1.0-beta5 is dated 2008-04-03. See sourceforge.net/projects/ant-contrib/files/ant-contrib –  Rebse Jul 23 at 7:52
Just because it's old doesn't mean it isn't any good or doesn't still work :) –  David Jul 23 at 18:48

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