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Is there any way to set template programmaticallyinside joomla view ?

I'm using MVC architecture to develop my component. I have two templates for front end side. 1 for logged in users (template B) other for ordinary visitors (Template A).

The problem that I have encountered is, I have a book store for logged in users. template is Template B. inside book store there is function for search book. Both search and book store load from my component. Book store assigned to a menu item and load with template B. But when I clicked on search button it brings the results with Template A. which means template changed to template A from template B.

My site's default template is template B. I assigned template A via menu items.

I'm using Joomla 2.5

I think my problem is clear enough. If anyone can give me clue what happened, it is really appreciated...

Thank you very much. If problem isn't clear enough or ambiguous please let me know....

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I think, this can be done by using JSite::setTemplate($template,$templateParams) method, but I am not sure this will work with caching, need to test.

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