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I'm writing a java webapp and I'd like to let my users enter text containing markup that is XSS / Cross-Site-Scripting safe. I'd like to save the user generated markup to a database and display it as HTML.

I am aware of markdown but this allows raw HTML to be entered which is not XSS safe.

Are there any wiki-like / markdown-like interpreters in java that are XSS safe? I'd also like to hear of any javascript / wysiwig editors that might help here.

Alternatively, are there any XSS filters in java that can sanitize HTML so that it is XSS safe.

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I use Markdown (actually Pegdown) together with Jsoup which works well.


  • cleans user-submitted content against a safe white-list, to prevent XSS attacks.
  • output tidy HTML
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You can also use Pegdown together with the SUPPRESS_ALL_HTML extension: HTML blocks and inline HTML tags will get read but not be contained in the input. Without HTML tags Markdown is safe. – Sonson123 Jan 31 '13 at 14:24

Take a look at JSoup, which allows you to specify a Whitelist:

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Thanks, I think I'll use a WYSIWIG editor (CKEditor or TinyMCE) + jsoup to sanitize. – Lance Java Jan 26 '13 at 8:48
@uklance you're welcome we use CKEditor + JSoup combo and it works great. I have also used TinyMCE, both are good. Good luck! – Philip Tenn Jan 26 '13 at 15:19

When i tested my webapp with findbug, i get some XSS errors, for that i use ESAPI.

You can follow this link

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