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I'm an happy user of the with vectors options in Gnuplot. However, in most case, the vectors need to be rescaled to make a nice figure.

Currently, I am doing this by

plot "data" using 1:2:($3*scale):($4*scale) with vectors

Ideally, I would just like to skip using and writing the scale for vector-length manually once, such that I could use

plot "data" with vectors scale 0.1

Maybe there is an auto-scaling option that I am unaware of?

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There's no shortcut for that as far as I know. The best you'll probably do is to use a macro:

set macros
with_vectors = "using 1:2:($3*scale):($4*scale) w vectors"
scale = 0.1
plot "data" @with_vectors
scale = 0.2
plot "data" @with_vectors
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Can these macros be set when gnuplot is loaded? –  Bernhard Jan 24 '13 at 14:17
You can put it in your .gnuplot file. That works for interactive scripts -- I'm not sure if it works for "batch" scripts though ... Looking at the docs (help startup), it seems to imply that it gets loaded either way –  mgilson Jan 24 '13 at 14:19

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