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Would like it to collect info on application running every 5 seconds, then sent to database. The service would then collect information such as MAC Address of the PC, user that is logged in.

What I think it would be like is to have an event handler pick up whatever process activity is happening, just ran or closed, every 5 seconds maybe. The things polled (user, app name, opened/closed, time, MAC address) would then be written to a file.

My first concern is I don't know where to start and what language to use for a background service like this. I am quite new to real-world programming (currently a placement student) and have done some research on my own. My own research on Google, MSDN and searching on SO tells me that I would most likely use C# .NET to create this service.

I hope someone could point me to examples of similar services where I could learn how to listen to events, handle events of process monitoring, etc.

Thanks in advance for your time reading and helping! :)

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SO is not going to be able to give you links to tutorials, etc. Content changes, links break, etc. All causing problems with our question and answer system. Try reading up on the services and teaching yourself what you need to know and of course, come back if you run in to any specific problems. Good luck! :) –  Alexander R Jan 24 '13 at 12:02
Thanks @Alexander R, I'll read up on Windows Services myself and come back to SO with more specific questions if I need to! –  Janson Chah Jan 24 '13 at 16:26

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