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I have a test collection with two documents :

> db.test.find().pretty()
{ "_id" : ObjectId("510114b46c1a3a0f6e5dd7aa"), "a" : 1, "b" : 2 }
{ "_id" : ObjectId("510114c86c1a3a0f6e5dd7ab"), "a" : 3, "b" : 1 }

With aggregation framework, I want to get only the documents where a is greater than b. $gt get only values in argument not fields...

> db.test.aggregate([{"$match":{"$a":{"$gt":"$b"}}}])
{ "result" : [ ], "ok" : 1 } /* don't work*/

Do you have some ideas ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

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It seems you made an error in your aggregation query. The field you wish to match should be specified as a, not $a, i.e. db.test.aggregate([{"$match":{"a":{"$gt":"$b"}}}]) – Quolonel Questions Feb 10 at 10:30
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Hmm without much testing on my end I will say you can use $cmp for this:


    {$project: {
        // All your other fields here
        cmp_value: {$cmp: ['$a', '$b']}
    {$match: {cmp_value: {$gt: 0}}} 

There might be a better way but I haven't got a MongoDB installation near me to test.

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May i know how to use above mongdb query with php language. I've used above method not works. Please help on this. – shankar msr Apr 6 at 13:04
@shankarmsr With the new driver: (new \MongoDB\Client())->db->collection->aggregate([['$project' => ['cmp_value' => ['$cmp' => ['$a', '$b']]]], ['$match' => ['cmp_value' => ['$gt' => 0]]]]) or something like that – Sammaye Apr 6 at 18:55
Let me check with your answer.Hope it will works fine – shankar msr Apr 27 at 5:06

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