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I want to have a class library that will run under WinRT and also Windows Phone 8. What do I need to do?

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To do that, you need to build your class library as a Portable Class Library, which creates an assembly that will run on multiple platforms. (Otherwise, assemblies for WinRT and Windows Phone 8 are essentially non-interchangeable.)

Visual Studio 2012 includes a project type that will let you do this easily; there is also a downloadable toolset that will let do this on VS 2010.

The framework functionality available is limited to a subset of that which is available on all of the platforms you are supporting.

Full details are available from MSDN, here:

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+1 on Cerebrate's answer. portable class libraries is the way to go.

However, PCL aren't a magic wand and won't bridge many of the inconsistencies between WP8 and Win8. For more hardcore code sharing you'll need to consider sharing C# files, adding conditional compilation and many other tricks. Nokia has a great article on WP7 and WP8 code sharing that would apply to this case as well @!co-development-and-porting-guide.html

There's also this great Nokia Wiki article with similar intents @

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