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Considering this file:


Is there any possibility to ignore all quotes? This is my code:

    public partial class Person
        private string firstName;

        [FieldNullValue("default first name")]
        private string lastName;

        private string city;

        public string FirstName
            get { return firstName; }
            set { firstName = value; }

        public string LastName
            get { return lastName; }
            set { lastName = value; }

        public string City
            get { return city; }
            set { city = value; }

            ExcelStorage provider = new ExcelStorage(typeof(Person));
            provider.FileName = "data.csv";
            System.Data.DataTable datTable = provider.ExtractRecordsAsDT(); 

DataTable will contain only 1 row with the following values:

    [0]: "firstName\",lastName\r\nfn1,ln1\r\nfn2\r\nfn3,ln3\r\nfn4,ln4\r\n"
    [1]: "default first name"

I really don't understand what is that FieldQuoted attribute, with or without it i have the same result no matter where i place quotes in the file

EDIT: If i use

"firstName",lastName fn1,ln1 fn2 fn3,ln3 fn4,ln4

it ignores the quotes, which is ok

but if i use


i get this result for the first row

[0]: "firstName\"\""
[1]: "lastName\"\""
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Your input data is invalid. At least, regarding the quotes. Fields in CSV can contain embedded quotes only when they are doubled ("") and within quotes, and they can contain embedded line breaks as well.

And that's exactly what you are seeing here. The two quotes following firstName are en embedded quote and since you never close the quoted field with another quote the whole file is parsed as if it were a single field.

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Can i somehow ignore all quotes in the file? –  gigi Jan 24 '13 at 12:38

Try using the FieldQuoted attribute.

[FieldQuoted('"', QuoteMode.AlwaysQuoted, MultilineMode.NotAllow)]

You might need to experiment with the settings, described here.

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