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I have a list view control set to Details view with Groups enabled but when navigating up\down the list with the keyboard the groups are acting as a selectable item, often behaving strangely, selecting the first record on occasion.

Is there a way to disable the selection of the group items?

More info

Try navigating with the arrow keys, up and down the list - you will notice the group headers are selectable, and behave differently depending on the direction navigated. I want them to be disabled - having the selection jump from the last item in a group to the first item in the next group.

Download example project.

I'm populating the control like this:

Dim dt As DataTable = CreateData()
Dim itemcoll(3) As String
For i = 0 To dt.Rows.Count - 1
  For j = 0 To dt.Columns.Count - 1
    itemcoll(j) = dt.Rows(i)(j).ToString()

  Dim lvi As New ListViewItem(itemcoll)
  ListView1.Groups.Add(New ListViewGroup(itemcoll(0).Substring(0, 1), itemcoll(0).Substring(0, 1)))
  lvi.Group = ListView1.Groups(itemcoll(0).Substring(0, 1))

The listview control has the following options changed from standard via the designer:

  • AutoArrange: False
  • FullRowSelect: True
  • HideSelection: False
  • MultiSelect: False
  • Sorting: Ascending
  • View: Details


You can see above that the Y group header is selected - navigating from Microsoft down selects Yahoo! AND the group header, navigating down again selects Yahoo! only.

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Can you show your ListView creation to see all the properties and so? Ive just tried your code and groups are not selectable. – SysDragon Feb 5 '13 at 16:20

Better ListView and Better ListView Express offer this feature out of the box:

betterListView.GroupHeaderBehavior = BetterListViewGroupHeaderBehavior.None;

You can read more about extended Groups support in our Documentation.

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