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I'm normally a jQuery developer and have to work on an extJs Project. It's the ExtCore v. 3.1.0 without any extensions (and an update isn't possible yet)

So now my problem... I need something similar to this jQuery Code:

$(document).on('focusin', 'input[type="text"]', function(event){

But I can't find anything to add Eventlistneres to multiple elements. Is that possible with just the extCore?

Thanks in advance.

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You can use addListener with delegate (or use on which is a shorthand for addListener):

Appends an event handler to this element. The shorthand version on is equivalent.

The delegate is a simple selector to filter the target or look for a descendant of the target.

For example:

var el = Ext.getBody();
el.on('click', function (event, elem) {
this, {
    delegate: 'input[type="text"]'
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Thanks that for I was looking for a long long time ;-) –  Bernhard Jan 24 '13 at 13:45

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