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I want to query Vim for the line number of a sign. I know the ID of the sign, as I was the one who placed it using sign place {id}..., but I want to be able to ask Vim for it's current position (as the user could edit the file and cause the sign to move).

I know that I can use :sign place to list all signs as so:

:sign place
--- Signs ---
Signs for plugin/python/vdebug/breakpoint.py:
    line=199  id=11000  name=breakpt
Signs for plugin/python/vdebug/event.py:
    line=9  id=11001  name=breakpt

But I then have to parse the output to find a single breakpoint by ID, which isn't very efficient, especially as there could be a very large number of signs. Is there a command or vimL function to get the attributes of a sign by the ID alone?

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I'm afraid there isn't any function (see :help function-list), thus parsing is the only option so far. I agree that having programmatic access would be beneficial; you may want to raise this enhancement request on the vim_dev mailing list.

Edit: After raising this on vim_dev, Christian Brabandt kindly has written a patch that lets you query the line number of a sign with id 42 through line('|42'). Let's hope Bram includes this in Vim soon.

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