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i am an absolute newbie in this thing.

can anyone help me to build a table that lists all files in a specified folder so whenever a file is copied to that folder the table should update and make a log of files.
i need the list to retain the names even if the file is moved from that folder or deleted. later the data would be deleted by a scheduler.
also i need the table to record the time exactly when the file was copied into that folder and not the modification or creation time. i am using windows 7.

many many thanks in advance

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Just turn on Windows file auditing, for that folder, the youtube video takes you through the process.

Microsoft provide information on their techNet site as to how you can use the LogParser tool to extract Security events from the Event Log DB.

Note: Admin questions should really be posted to the SuperUser site.

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thanks for your answer and i checked the video. but how do i get the list of files with time of copy and write them to a log file? and just another query, what is admin questions? –  user1994602 Jan 24 '13 at 14:23
This forum is for programming questions, system administration (Admin) questions should be posted to one of the other stack exchange sites. –  arober11 Jan 24 '13 at 14:29

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