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How do I remap a key on the keyboard using Java so that I can give the key a new meaning?

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Is this to use only in your program? Like in games (edit controlls). Or do you mean the whole system-keyboard layout? –  Martijn Courteaux Sep 20 '09 at 15:44
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If I understand the question, it's how to explicitly define behavior for a specific key. Here's how I do this to implement keyboard shortcuts -- hopefully it answers your question. In my example below, I believe you can change 'this' to be the specific component you wish to explicitly set the keyboard behavior on, overriding its default behavior. I usually do this in the context of a panel or frame.

private void addHotKey(KeyStroke keyStroke, String inputActionKey, Action listener) {
    ActionMap actionMap = this.getActionMap();
    InputMap inputMap = this.getInputMap(JComponent.WHEN_IN_FOCUSED_WINDOW);
    inputMap.put(keyStroke, inputActionKey);
    actionMap.put(inputActionKey, listener);

The inputActionKey is just an arbitrary key string to use for mapping the action. An example of invoking this method to listen for the DEL key:

    KeyStroke keyStroke = KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEvent.VK_DELETE, 0);
    Action listener = new AbstractAction() {
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
            // delete something...
    addHotKey(keyStroke, "MainWindowDEL", listener);
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Don't really understand the context of your question. But theoretically you could intercept all KeyEvents and then dispatch a different KeyEvent based on your criteria. Global Event Dispatching might give you some ideas.

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Capture key-events:

java.awt.Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().addAWTEventListener(myListener, AWTEvent.KEY_EVENT_MASK);

Simulate key press:

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and what will you do with that keypress once you capture it? –  kdgregory Sep 21 '09 at 12:06
Get the typed key and remap it to your own. Isn't this what was asked for? –  Witek Sep 21 '09 at 14:16
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