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I've added a webpage as WebApp to my iOS 6 Homescreen. But since there is no browser chrome after "start" I've some problems: - How can I navigate within those websites launched from Homescreen? - Can I provide special links (e.g. to Google Maps) from within a webpage that force iOS to start the real Safari browser? - How can I access the print function from within such webpages - the normal safari print button isn't available ? - Mail links doesn't work in webApps? (mailto:) How can I make them work or force the webapp link from Homescreen to open in real Safari Browser?

Thanks, Konrad

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If you're going to let users add your website/webpage to their homescreen and function as a web app, you need to build in your own controls from within the webpage the user is viewing.

Common web applications utilize a framework such as jQuery Mobile that builds in basic functions such as in-page navigation.

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