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I have done a lot of research and not able to find any information about the below.

I am using asp.net 4.0, I have created a web application. I would like to know how i could check for memory leakages in the program that i have created, what tool could be used in order to do this also would like to know a good tool which could be used by me to do a load test on the same website, which tool could i use as all of the ones that have been recommend are not ideal the tools i have used for load testing are tsung and a few other free tools

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You need to use a memory profiler.

There are free ones as well as commercial ones, some of the better known are the ANTS Memory Profiler by RedGate, dottrace by JetBrains and memprofiler by SciTech.

These all essentially hook into the running process measuring things like memory usage and more - giving you a report on the application performance and memory usage.

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+1 ANTS is great. –  Matt Jan 24 '13 at 15:03

I like Selenium Grid. You can also look into StresStimulus.

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