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I've been trying to create this Regex but it's driving me crazy. What I basically need is a regex that detects all <body> tags which are not written through my server-side code. My plan is to replace all those <body> tags by something like <body><%=CallToFunction()%>.

(This is part of a search & replace within UltraEdit.)


<body>                                          //should be found
<body class="normal">                           //should be found
<body class="<% Response.Write("normal") %>"    //should be found
<html><body class="normal">                     //should be found

Response.Write("<body class=""normal"">")       //should not be found (a)
Response.Write(" <body>")                       //should not be found (b)
Response.Write("<html><body><h1>...")           //should not be found (c)

message = "<html><body>...</body></html>"       //should not be found (d)

                <body class=""normal"">
                    <h1>...</h1>")              //should not be found (e)

The regex I have currently is: ([^"]<body.*[^>]*>). But the problem there is that it will still find <body> tags with a space between the <body> and the " (see example (a)). It would also still find (c).

And for (e) I am really clueless. Wondering if that is even possible to detect.

Can anyone help me?



I now have ^(?!Response|")(<body.*[^>]*>) which works pretty well. But it doesn't work when the <body> tag is indented in the document. So I'd need something like <body prepended by anything (or nothing) other than Response or ".


The regex I eventually ended up using was based on Michael Allen's answer and was:

^(?!Response|")([\t ]*)(<body.*[^>]*>)

It did not solve (e) but I guess I'll do some manual work for those cases then.

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Not really sure how you would deal with the last example but the following regex will match correctly with every other example you provided.


The trick here is using the Negative lookahead to knock out any matches that contains Response at the beginning.

Hopefully thats a start for you.

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Thanks Michael, I have added another one though which I forgot about and which will not work with this one though. Although it's a good start already! I didn't know about the negative lookaheads. –  Jules Jan 24 '13 at 15:29
I accepted your answer Michael. I eventually found one that is doing the trick for me and it was based on your answer. So thanks for taking the time to respond. :) –  Jules Jan 25 '13 at 9:07
Post it below so I can see how you did it, always good way to learn –  Michael Allen Jan 25 '13 at 11:03
I have already edited my question to include the final answer. –  Jules Jan 25 '13 at 14:07

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