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I have two data files. The first is a 'master sheet' where I am compiling data, with the relevant columns looking like:

Family          ID                     Size
Tyrannidae      Empidonax traillii
Tyrannidae      Empidonax atriceps
Conopophagidae  Conopophaga lineata

Where size is the column I am wanting to fill in. I need for future analysis ID to contain both the genus and species names. The size data is based on the genus (the first word in ID) in a separate file like this:

 Genus        Size
Empidonax     13
Conopophaga   6

Is there a way in R to say matching certain, not all, text in the ID column to be able to then fill in the Size column? Desired result

Family          ID                     Size
Tyrannidae      Empidonax traillii     13
Tyrannidae      Empidonax atriceps     13
Conopophagidae  Conopophaga lineata    6

Or would it just be simpler to split the ID column into two, fill in Size and then merge the two back together?


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Since data.table enables X[Y] it seems very appropriate. Therefore, here's a data.table solution:

master <- data.table(Family=c("Tyrannidae", "Tyrannidae", "Conopophagidae"), 
          ID = c("Empidonax traillii", "Empidonax traillii", "Conopophaga lineata"))
dt <- data.table(Genus = c("Empidonax", "Conopophaga"), Size = c(13, 6))

# get Genus
master[, Genus := gsub(" .*$", "", ID)] # master$ID replaced by ID
# set key to Genus
setkey(master, "Genus")
> master[dt] # X[Y]

#          Genus         Family                  ID Size
# 1:   Empidonax     Tyrannidae  Empidonax traillii   13
# 2:   Empidonax     Tyrannidae  Empidonax traillii   13
# 3: Conopophaga Conopophagidae Conopophaga lineata    6
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Thanks to you both, that is a really useful function – Nick Crouch Jan 24 '13 at 20:38
+1 but is that extra master$ needed? – Matt Dowle Jan 25 '13 at 10:55

If master and size are your data frames, you could create a Genus column and then use merge to get the combined data frame.

#regex deletes all characters after a space
master$Genus <- gsub(" .*$","",master$ID) 
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