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I am in need of something for use with C++ which will parse EXI formatted messages. I am not picky in regards to the form of the solution. This could be a Xerces-like library, a rapidxml-like set of headers, or even a offline "compiler" which takes in the XSD file and creates C/C++ sources based on the contents.

What this cannot be is any form of Java solution. I have come across EXIficient and OpenEXI and both are Java based solutions and are not suitable for my situation. I am working in an embedded environment where we won't have the "luxury" of a JVM.

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There are not many EXI parsers available.

You could try using the commercial but stable: http://www.agiledelta.com/product_efx-me.html

Or the EXIP is also good, but in alpha stage: http://exip.sourceforge.net/

Based on your implementation specs, your mileage with these apps may vary.

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Thanks! I think EXIP will have to be what I end up using. Paying for something like this is not really an option. Since we are doing simple EXI stuff I think EXIP is "stable enough" for now. –  cottonke Jan 25 '13 at 18:50

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