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I'm using the Select2 plugin in my one of my Rails 3.2 projects. It's currently residing in the directory vendor/assets/javascript/select2/ (all the js, css and image files are in here, in the same locations as they were unzipped from the downloaded plugin).

I've included the select2 css and javascript files in my application.css and application.js files as expected:

 *= require select2/select2

//= require select2/select2.min

But now that I've deployed to production, the select2.css file is looking for assets/select2.png, when the image in question is actually located at assets/select2/select2.png.

How to I get the image to compile down into the right location?

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You can use select2-rails gem to solve issues with asset pipeline.

BTW: Rails 4 no longer compile assets from lib/assets and vendor/assets by default: https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/7968

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I finally solved this by moving the select2.png image into the vendor/assets/images directory. I had hoped to avoid this (I'd prefer to leave all the select2 stuff together for easier upgrading to new versions), but if it works it's hard to argue.

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