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I am able to import data from my google storage. However, having troubling exporting data to Google Cloud Storage CSV files through the web console. Data set is small, and I am not getting any specific reasons that cause the issue.

gl-analytics:glcqa.Device togs://glccsv/device.csv
Unexpected. Please try again.
Job ID: job_f8b50cc4b4144e14a22f3526a2b76b75
Start Time: 9:30am, 24 Jan 2013
End Time: 9:30am, 24 Jan 2013
Source Table: gl-analytics:glcqa.Device
Destination URI: gs://glccsv/device.csv
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Make sure gs://glccsv is an existing bucket on your cloud storage. – greeness Jan 24 '13 at 19:32

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It looks like you have a nested schema, which cannot be output to csv. Try setting the output format to JSON.

Note this bug has now been fixed internally, so after our next release you'll get a better error when this happens.

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