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I have a website,, and I also have a blog, When I search in google. "Seeking example" the first three links are from my blog. I would like to use this ranking position for my website. Does anyone knows how to do that?

Thank you

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Blog is a great way to attract traffic and search engines love it, especially if you write unique and useful content. If you want to give you website ( more priority then your blog ( there are a few useful things you can do:

1) Optimize your website Title tag and content for the targeted keywords. If your blog is more optimized for some specific keywords then your website, it's normal that Google and other SE will give more priority to it. You must show to search engines what part of your website should dominate. Search engines just evaluate what you do (and what users do: sharking, linking..)

2) Make sure your blog is always linking to your root domain

3) Always use some 'call to action' from your blog to website which will make sure that your visitors which came to your blog don't miss your website - but make sure you have something to offer on your website, otherwise it makes no sense.

4) Link building (off page SEO) - you should make quality link building and put your website in the first plan, but also include you blog.

5) Additionally you can also adjust your website structure to have blog on your root domain and make some call to action in e.g. header, but this totally depends on you.

Here is an example:

  • The website has a blog on the root domain (optimized fo: SEO optimizacija)

  • This website has call to action on the right sidebar (Aweber newsletter) and bellow that another call to action for the offered services. There are lots of examples like this.

That's it. So you do the first 4 steps or you switch to step 5. Have fun :)

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You can't say to Google which pages it should rank. It ranks the pages depending on content, backlinks and many more signals.

I think the best possibility to get the traffic from the blog to your website is to place an eye-catching link to your Website. But this is more a question of marketing or usability.

It's a common SEO strategy to generate traffic, but it's not always efficient.

If a user has a question and your blog can answer it at once, why should most users go on and visit your page?

On the other hand, if your website doesn't deliver good content relating to some keywords, why should it get ranked in Google?

The Content from Blogs gets often a higher ranking because the content changes more often, that is a signal for Google which says for example the content is up-to-date.

But it depends on many many factors, CTR from the Users can be a point or maybe the URLs.

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Hi, my website has tomatoes and one user type on the browser "seeking tomatoes"(Example). Why does my blog appears first, if my page has the answer? In my blog only there is a post of tomatoes. What could I do to change that? Thank you!! – croigsalvador Jan 25 '13 at 0:10

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