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I have this constructor:

public GroupController(IUserService userService, IGroupService groupService)
    _groupService = groupService;
    _userService = userService;

userService and groupService has the same object in constructor:

public UserService(IDb db)
     _db = db;

public GroupService(IDb db)
     _db = db;

and my container is this:

ObjectFactory.Initialize(x =>
    x.Scan(scan =>


So, How can I inject an IDb for UserService and an another IDb for GroupService because I can't use the same instance.

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The default lifecycle for StructureMap objects is PerRequestLifecycle, which means that multiple requests for the same interface within the same build session will resolve to a single instance. If you want it to resolve each interface request to a unique instance, you can use the UniquePerRequestLifecycle.

TL;DR: Configure your IDb like this:

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