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I am trying to implement the FileTransfer API for my Phonegap App in Javascript. When I call it with the code below I get the following error:

01-24 00:36:10.495: I/Web Console(14802): Error: SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier at file:///android_asset/www/js/phonegap-1.3.0.js:670

Code to call download

var fileTransfer1 = new FileTransfer();

    function(entry) {
        alert("download complete: " + entry.fullPath);
    function(error) {
        alert("upload error code" + error.code);

I have this in my Manifest:

I have this in my config:

I have cordova-2.2.0.jar in my libs folder and phonegap-1.3.0.js is an included javascript. I did some debugging in phonegap-1.3.0.js and the error is in the call to prompt:

var r = prompt(JSON.stringify(args), "gap:"+JSON.stringify([service, action, callbackId, true]));

It is returing "29 F08 FileTransfer() sJSON error" this is passed to an eval function which of course fails. It would seem I am missing something in my setup somewhere. Any ideas?


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For some reason the lines from my manifest and config did not show in the original question. Here they are. Manifest: ` <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"></uses-permission>` and the Config: ` <plugin name="File" value="org.apache.cordova.FileUtils"/> <plugin name="FileTransfer" value="org.apache.cordova.FileTransfer"/> ` –  Mark A. Rupert Jan 24 '13 at 19:18

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You need to have cordova-2.2.0.js if you are using cordova-2.2.0.jar. They need to match. And make sure you have the appropriate one for android.

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