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I have an address book function on my shopping cart that opens in a lightbox. In the modal window is a list of the addresses and a button over each to select. The select buttons update the parent window and then closes the lightbox.

The problem is that if you then try to reopen the lightbox, it opens full screen and not in the modal window. This doesn't happen if you use the close button in the corner of the lightbox, only following the call to .close() that is on the onClick of the buttons in the window.

Is there another function to call that will close the window but still allow it to be reopened? Obviously whatever code is on the close button works, but I've tried both .close() and .end(), and neither replicates that functionality.

EDIT: So, the problem wasn't related to the .close() at all. I was gathering code fragments to share when I noticed that when the select button was clicked, part of the code rewrote the link on the parent page. The new link is identical to what was there before, but when I commented it out, the window opens just fine again and again.

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What is your code? make sure you are using the new [object] to create new windows, and not the older reference. –  Erick Ribeiro Jan 24 '13 at 16:15
Post a URL to an example and I can take a look to see what code is getting executed on the close button. –  Ray Perea Jan 24 '13 at 16:15

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