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I am using the colreorderwithresize.js plugin. Everything works fine, but most of the times the table is not getting aligned with header when the header is resized. I am trying to figure out if there is a call back function associated with resize such that I can call oTable.fnAdjustColumnSizing() whenever resize happens.

I tried adjusting column width using fndrawcallback but this creates performance issues when filtering the data (since this is invoked every time the data changes in the table).

"fnDrawCallback": function(oSettings) {

setTimeout( function () {
}, 3000 );},


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Kike table (CSS class) was overriding datatable (class) hence I was not able to use any of the datatables function on these tables hence I came up with a solution as below,

function resizeDataTable(dataTableid){
 $("#" + dataTableid).removeClass('kiketable-colsizable'); // Remove kike class
    var oTable = $("#" + dataTableid).dataTable(); 
    $(oTable).css({ width: $(oTable).parent().width() }); // Perform datatable functions
  $("#" + dataTableid).addClass('kiketable-colsizable'); // Add kike class

This works flawlessly.

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Pasting Allans' comments below for others who are in search of this feature......

Looking at the plug-in's code - it doesn't look like it, although I'm sure one could easily be added in the drag method.

I think you'll need to debounce (throttle) the call to fnAdjustColumngSizing one way or another though.

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