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I need to select the deeply buried div with class "srch-maintop" with the context of the topmost div "srch-sb-results". How do I select the srch-maintop div using jquery?

Am I even close here?

$('.srch-sb-results').next('table').find('td#MainLeftCell div.srch-maintop').delete();  

That didn't even touch it..

<div class="srch-sb-results"> stuff here </div>
          <td colspan='3'>
             <div style="border:1px solid silver"></div>
             <td class="srch-leftcell">stuff</td>

            <td class="srch-mainleftcell">
               <div class="srch-maintop"></div>
               <div class="srch-maintop2"></div>

            <td class="srch-rightcell">stuff</td>

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Use remove() instead:

$('.srch-sb-results').next('table').find('td#MainLeftCell div.srch-maintop').remove(); 

And there is no class or id named MainLeftCell.

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I think the problem is that you write #MainLeftCell as ID, but you have to write it as class .MainLeftCell. And yes ... you can use .remove() instead .delete()

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Yep, you were close ;)

$('.srch-sb-results').next('table').find('td.srch-mainleftcell div.srch-maintop').delete();

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If there is no other element with the given class you can just use it by itself:


Or to find a more specific one in the table next to the div with class 'srch-sb-results':

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