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Select columns from result set of stored procedure

SELECT col1,

EXEC GetAIntFromStoredProc(T.col1) AS col4
     FROM Tbl AS T
     WHERE (col2 = @parm) 

How to write this SQL query in SQL Server 2008?

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You should look at functions, you cannot call a stored procedure from within a select query. –  twoleggedhorse Jan 24 '13 at 17:13

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Thanks @twoleggedhorse.

Here is the solution.

  1. First we created a function

    CREATE FUNCTION GetAIntFromStoredProc(@parm Nvarchar(50)) RETURNS INTEGER
       set @id= (select TOP(1) id From tbl where col=@parm)
       RETURN @id
  2. then we do the select query

    Select col1, col2, col3,
    GetAIntFromStoredProc(T.col1) As col4
    From Tbl as T
    Where col2=@parm
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But that is not storedd procedure anymore... –  levi Feb 11 at 11:07

As long as you're not doing any INSERT or UPDATE statements in your stored procedure, you will probably want to make it a function.

Stored procedures are for executing by an outside program, or on a timed interval.

The answers here will explain it better than I can:

Function vs. Stored Procedure in SQL Server

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