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I have a form with a list of dates on it and I'm using the HTML 5 input type="date" element to represent them. I'd like to change the colour of the fields that don't have a value (i.e. those that show dd/mm/yyyy) so that they're more easily distinguishable from the fields that contain an actual date.

Is this possible? I thought that -webkit-input-placeholder might have done what I want, but it seems not.

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There is no placeholder in a date input in Chrome. If you check "Show shadow DOM" in devtools' settings, you will be able to inspect it:

<input type="date">
    <div dir="ltr" pseudo="-webkit-date-and-time-container">
      <div pseudo="-webkit-datetime-edit">
      <span aria-help="Day" aria-valuemax="31" aria-valuemin="1" pseudo="-webkit-datetime-edit-day-field" role="spinbutton">dd</span>
      <div pseudo="-webkit-datetime-edit-text">/</div>
      <span aria-help="Month" aria-valuemax="12" aria-valuemin="1" pseudo="-webkit-datetime-edit-month-field" role="spinbutton">mm</span>
      <div pseudo="-webkit-datetime-edit-text">/</div>
      <span aria-help="Year" aria-valuemax="275760" aria-valuemin="1" pseudo="-webkit-datetime-edit-year-field" role="spinbutton">yyyy</span></div>
      <div pseudo="-webkit-calendar-picker-indicator"></div>

You can style separate elements using their pseudos (works in Chrome Canary):

::-webkit-datetime-edit-year-field {
  font-weight: bold;
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+1 for helping me find "Show shadow DOM" in Dev Tools – TheTallOne Jan 17 '14 at 16:31

Thanks to the existing answers I managed to work it out.The day month and year fields only get an aria-valuetext attribute when the date field has a value. This means that I can style these values when the date field's showing its default value like this:

  color: #999;
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As of Chrome 31 (possibly earlier), aria-valuetext is 'blank' rather than null. Either of the following work


rather than:


(I Don't have the rep to comment on the relevant answer)

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a caveat seems to be that although you can style the before/after elements e.g.: ::-webkit-datetime-edit-year-field:before you cannot style ::-webkit-datetime-edit-year-field[aria-valuetext=blank]:before. (I was trying to replace the placeholder with a translated one for different locales) – Sam Hasler Aug 14 '15 at 12:51

I wanted the "placeholder" text to be gray. Based on @JackBradford's answer, I'm using:

::-webkit-datetime-edit-text, /* this makes the slashes in dd/mm/yyyy grey */
::-webkit-datetime-edit-year-field[aria-valuetext=blank] {
  color: lightgrey;
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This worked for me, thank you! – Daniel Apt Apr 19 '15 at 13:41
this works, thx – mynameistechno Aug 31 '15 at 18:08
This answer seems closest. Slashes will not change color though. – dlsso Nov 16 '15 at 21:06

The placeholder-attribute is currently not supported by input fields with type="date" and therefor can't be styled. Take a look at this list of valid attributes: "input type=date – date input control"

So Chrome is actually doing it right in contrary to Safari, which doesn't care about the date-type at all.

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