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Can it be done? There is absolutely no reason why Utilities pane should be shown with regular (say, .h and .m) source files ... so one has to always cycle between hiding/showing the Utilities (in order to have as much usable screen as possible).

Localization and Target membership sections (for particular files) should be moved somewhere else, the UI for .xib editing revamped, and Utilities pane rid of.

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Easier way to do this is to create tabs (Command + T). This way you can adjust the panes for each tab. (please see image)enter image description here

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Can you assign a keyboard shortcut for, say, tab #5 as CMD + 5? The thing is that tabs get unwieldy beyond a certain number; that is, I've always found the Jump Bar (^ + 5) faster (especially, with its instant filtering). And the only OOB provided shortcuts are Select Next/Previous Tab. Still, I appreciate your suggestion; will probably reevaluate tabs. –  courteous Jan 25 '13 at 22:52
I use 4-5 tabs for .m,.h,.xib/storyboards, debugger etc so in each tab i navigate by clicking on jump bar items. –  akash Jan 25 '13 at 22:59

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