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Google fiber,? Hoping that it will reach the Northeast, USA,. Still using DSL for internet in my area and FIOS is not available in my area, and town has no plan on future installations.

I am trying to make use of a cloud server and currently with Verizon DSL my upload speeds are terrible. Not much use, takes all day to be able to upload. And I have multiple storage drives to upload. I heard about Google fiber haven't heard much about it. It seems promising and since Google is behind it maybe it will. Was wondering if anyone and any unpublished news concerning these areas. Just uploading takes too long to make use of my server, what should i do?

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Make sure you read the guidelines thoroughly before posting questions.

Concerning the availability of Google fiber; Kansas City and Kansas City, MO , are only areas Google fiber is only currently available. They soon plan to expand to more areas. Information can be obtained from Google’s fiber official site located here Google Fiber

Concerning uploading and transfer speeds for a large amount of data to upload. The ultimate solution would be to know of an upload station. Such an example as what a company called Aframe's Upload Partners uses, it as it has upload partners in its cloud infrastructure. Or you can send them your data. Not sure about your cloud server but that would be best-case scenario if they had those services in place.

There are multiple useful upload managers that are standalone and also integrates into Windows Explorer and that will help you keep the uploads from dropping and has also additional speed settings that you can apply to enable significant performance compared to standard uploading by a web browser.

Here are some that might help you. Most of these are sympathy FTPs.

Files Zila ‘s comes highly recommend. Great support information and integration.

FTPGetter allows you to automate ftp and sftp uploads

WebCEO FTP Upload Manager

Well, good luck and I hope the FIOS comes to your area soon.

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