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I am using Monotouch and XCODE.

I've created an animation using the following code and it is working:

img.AnimatedImages = myImageArray;
img.AnimationDuration =3;

What I am trying to achieve is to call a method when the animation has finished playing. I've created a timer using System.Timer but the problem is that it is not working when I am enabling it on user click. (It works if you enable it inside the constructor). Obviously it does not make sense to make a timer to loop every few milliseconds and check whether the img.isAnimating is still ongoing.

Does anyone has an idea how this can be solved?


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I fixed this problem by setting this code:

public NSTimer myTimer;

// in ViewWillAppear method

myTimer = NSTimer.CreateScheduledTimer(3, delegate {myMethod();});

//create method that can be called by the timer

private void myMethod()

  myTimer = null;

  //stop animation
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