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How does update function works in drools? Does it cause the same rules fire again automatically?

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I think you need to read the manual: http://docs.jboss.org/drools/release/5.4.0.Final/drools-expert-docs/html_single/

Using 'update' makes the rules engine aware that a fact has been modified. Therefore rules which depend upon that fact must be re-evaluated. This does have the effect that a rule may fire in an endless cycle. For instance, given the following DRL, you will see that the "Infinite loop" rule will activate continuously:

declare AreWeThereYet
    answer : boolean
rule "Are we there yet?"
    not AreWeThereYet()
    insert(new AreWeThereYet());
rule "Infinite loop"
    $question: AreWeThereYet()

This is because the rules engine has been instructed by 'update($question)', that $question has changed and that it needs to re-evaluate it.

There are ways of preventing this though. Just put 'no-loop' on the line between the rule name and 'when' to prevent rules from re-activating as a result of their own consequences. Another rule attribute which can control this is 'lock-on-active'.

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Thanks Steve, the answer was to the point and quite helpful. –  Nicky Jaidev Jan 28 '13 at 17:45

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