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Is there any way to load data from a data file (eg a JSON .js file) using jQuery?


$.get("file:///C:/objectData.js", function() { alert('Load was performed.'); });

At the moment, instead of doing a simple HTTP GET, JQuery appears to be trying to do an OPTIONS request on it, which fails on a file:// URI. I just want to load the data in so that the site can be used in an offline environment (without a web server installed).

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Possible duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/4408707/… – aurbano Jan 24 '13 at 18:03
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GET requires an HTTP connection, so without a local web servber it won't work. While you can open and read a file using HTML5, you can't load a JavaScript resource that way.

If the page is loaded locally, you'd usually load the JS using a script tag.

<script type='text/javascript' src='/objectData.js'></script>

The only way around this may be in this answer: Is it possible to load in a local version of a JavaScript file instead of the server version?

or this (both require making a local pseudo-server) :

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I hope it is possible. I'd tried it. the Html code and text files resides in the same folder.

Here is jQuery part.


        file_name = $("select").val();

The Html code is

<select class="sel"  name="files">
    <option  value="">Select a file</option>
    <option  value="file.txt">file.txt</option>
    <option  value="file2.txt">file2.txt</option>
    <option  value="jQuery_file.html">jQuery_file.html</option>
    <p>Contents of the file will be displayed below</p>
    <div id="span_result"></div>

Itworked for me in firefox. Sorry if it failed with you.

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