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I've implemented a neural network for prediction, for the input data, I've used the following formula to normalize data
Data_normalized_i= [Data_i - Min_data]/[Max_Data- Min_data]

I've some questions:

  1. How to interpret output of my network according to my inputs?
  2. must I use the real data input to compare it with my outputs?
  3. if I have to do some transformation of my outputs, so How? and for the test error in this case, will be it calculated from the output or from the transformed outputs?


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1) In a standard three layer MLP, the output node (or nodes), will have be threshold functions that will either tend towards 0 or 1 after training for classification, or a real valued number within a certain range for regression/function approximation.

2) You can and should use normalized data as you are doing, generally speaking.

3) For classification, treat the outputs as boolean values. For regression/approximation, then the output corresponds to the best estimate of the network based on the training data.

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