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I have this following problem which I can't seem solve:

In my top view (a menu bar), I have a UIButton on which I want the user to press and then drag and drop an object (OpenGL object that spawns fine) to the view under the menu bar (an EAGLView). My problem is that I cannot pass the touch location of where the user presses down on the button to the EAGLView.

I have tried several solutions :

  1. Assign a selector to the Drag-In-Touch function of the UIButton. This allows me to get the touch position I could want, but this location only stays in bounds of the view holding the UIButton (the menu bar)

  2. Override the touchesBegan/Moved/Ended of the UIButton so they use the touches of the nextResponder.nextResponder (making this the EAGLView). This seemed to work for the touchesBegan, but the second I try to move around, touchesMoved is called once and then stops.

If any of you could point me to any possible ways of accomplishing what I want, I'd be most grateful.

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Not completely answering the question here, but what you want could be solved by adding UIviews instead of UIButtons and dragging them on screen using a Pangesture recognizer. Then, you simply load or place the object you want under this view at the moment the user ends the pan/drag motion.

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