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I am making a Simple Calculator, I have added 0-9 Buttons ans well as Operations such as +, -, /, * etc...

I added a Button and set its onClick event as android:onClick="Press_1"

and its Corresponding OnClick Method is

    public void Press_1(View view)
    EditText editText=(EditText) findViewById(R.id.display);

Now i want to create similarly for Button_2,Button_3 and so on... ! On pressing the buttons i want the Corresponding digits to get displayed on the editText. Everything works fine, but i am not able to Append/Modify the EditText. Example: I want to write the number "6754", so i need to press '6' '7' '5' and '4' respectively , but after i press '7', the '6' disappears, and finally i get only '4' in the EditText. Please help me i am new to this ??? Thanks !!

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Use a field variable to store your current text:

private String currentText = "";

Then on a button press:

//On press 1
currentText = currentText + "1";

This way you have the value to calculate with always quick at hand.

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Instead of editText.setText(), you want to use editText.append()


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