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I am writing two OSGi bundles using Eclipse and Equinox.

My first bundle, Bundle A, is in Project: Bundle A. My second Bundle B, is in Bundle B.

Bundle B loads a file server.cfg, which is located in it's project root directory (IE: workspace/Bundle B/server.cfg).

When I execute the OSGi framework, it is executing from the workspace/ directory and Bundle B cannot find server.cfg, thus, throwing an error. It is looking in workspace/server.cfg rather than workspace/Bundle B/server.cfg.

I can change the Working Directory to be Bundle B, which will find the server.cfg file. However, Bundle B cannot then find any of Bundle A's classes, thus, throwing an error.

I'm not really sure how I can inform Bundle B of the location of the file, while still being able to access Bundle A's classes from B.

I'm using Eclipse 3.6.2.

I've solved this issue by doing the following: Setting the Working Directory to Bundle B and then exporting/importing Bundle A in the manifest files. This seemed to work.

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What do you mean Bundle B cannot find Bundle A's classes when you change the working directory? Why are you loading classes from the working directory? This doesn't sound much like OSGi to me. – Neil Bartlett Jan 28 '13 at 13:15

You shouldn't have to set the working directory. Try:

URL url = bundleB.getEntry("server.cfg");
File file = new File(FileLocator.toFileURL(url).getFile());

Also make sure your server.cfg file is exported in your (Build tab of the Manifest Editor).

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