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I was asked this in the test for a job yesterday, and i ended up using count sort. I failed coz it uses many for loops and it iterates the array more than once. How can I return 2nd largest element by iterating only once? :(

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Do you actually have to sort the array? –  NPE Jan 24 '13 at 19:08
Hi, i have found some thing like this on the link technotip.com/1524/… it was written in C Code... try it... –  Pandian Jan 24 '13 at 19:17

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You could iterate over each element and add it to a binary tree. Then you could recreate the array in descending order from the tree. Finally, you could find the 2nd largest element by simply grabbing sortedArray[1] (assuming there is more than 1 value in the original array.)

Not extremely practical, but meets the conditions.

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From the problem statement, I suspect you were simply being asked to find the second largest element. This can be done without sorting the array, by iterating over the array once and keeping track of the two largest elements seen so far.

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It seems like a very vague question. A few things to clear up:

  • Can you iterate multiple times over any data structures you need to sort the array? If not, then I'd question how possible it is to do based on the O(n*log(n)) limitations of normal sorting algorithms.

  • Did you actually have to sort the array, or do you just need the second largest value? The second option does not require the first.

If the answer to the second point is "yes", then I'd do quicksort (or heapsort. or mergesort) on the array and return arr[arr.length-2]. If the answer to the second point is "no", then I'd say that the question becomes easier (iterate through keeping track of the largest and second largest values found thus far).

If you were absolutely required to sort the array and all O(n*log(n)) solutions were not good enough, then I would have pointed out that all linear sorting techniques have some constant factor along side the n, thus necessitating you to walk through the array multiple times.

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    if (max1<=a[i]) {
    } else if (max2<=a[i]){

The result is in max2.

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There are two possible ways that i know on how to solve this problem use an algorithm to sort the array and get the position of the second largest number from the array.

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sorry after careful consideration it hit me that the second solution would not work because of the iteration only once but the sort you can use an assortment of algorithms just depends on your preferences. –  Jordan Jan 25 '13 at 19:54

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