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I'm currently working with several different Photoshop files. They all contain up to 10-40 Groups with even more layers. I want to export every group as a "image for web" in a different size than the document size. Basically this is quite simple and should work like this in pseudo code:

for i = layerGroups; i > 0; i--;
  export layergroup[i] for web with "width=200 and height=120"

I'm experienced in javascript coding, however I've never coded a Photoshop script yet, so this is were the difficuties begin. Hopefully I could render out my problem and get some helping hands. Cheers

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This should get you started:… In particular check out the LayerSets object which the top-level array of LayerSet objects which are the groups you'd find in your layers palette. LayerSet.bounds will give you the dimensions of that set. app.documents.add(w,h,etc) to create a new document, etc. If you've written JavaScript you shouldn't have too much trouble, it's just a matter of learning a new API. Post specific questions with sample code if you get stuck. – pdizz Jan 26 '13 at 1:07

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