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I am trying to get rid of some scope-prefixes I am currently using in my app.

At the moment my Routes look like this (simplified example):

scope 'p'
  get ':product_slug', as: :product
scope 't' do
  get ':text_slug', as: :text

which for example generates these paths:


Now I want the paths to work without the prefixed letters (p & t). So I restrict the slugs to the existing database entries (which btw works great):

text_slugs =
get ':text_slug', as: :text, text_slug: "(#{text_slugs.join('|')})"

product_slugs =
get ':product_slug', as: :product, product_slug: "(#{product_slugs.join('|')})"

The problem:

This is a multi-tenant app which means that someones text_slug could be another ones product_slug and vice versa. That's why I have to filter the slugs by the current site (by domain).

A solution would look like this:

text_slugs = Site.find_by_domain(
get ':text_slug', as: :text, text_slug: "(#{text_slugs.join('|')})"

But request isn't available in routes.rb and I everything I tried won't work.

The direct call to Rack::Request needs the correct env variable which doesn't seem to be present in Application.routes, otherwise this could work:

req =

I really tried alot and am thankful for any hint!

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You may be able to use advanced constraints for this:

class SlugConstraint
  def initialize(type)
    @type = type
  def matches?(request)
    # Find users subdomain and look for matching text_slugs - return true or false

App::Application.routes.draw do
  match :product_slug => "products#index", :constraints =>
  match :tag_slug => "tags#index", :constraints =>

BTW - You may run into problems with testing, but that's another issue...

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Thanks alot, it works great! I even tried using advanced constraints, but couldn't think of using the passed request information for the domain query AND the slugs... – Railsana Jan 25 '13 at 0:32
@the future me: Restart the app when editing files in the initializers folder... – Railsana Jan 25 '13 at 0:35

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