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Basically I don't know how to query my database so it returns only fields containing username and date. I can query them separately but not together.

However there's no option for AND in intellisense.

These are the 2 queries:

public List<TimeData> GetUsersSpecific(string DateToSearch, string NameToSearch)
    TimeDataEntities3 e = new TimeDataEntities3();
    var x  = (from q in e.TimeDatas 
              where q.Date.Contains(DateToSearch) 
              select q);
    var y  = (from r in e.TimeDatas 
              where r.Username.Contains(NameToSearch)
              select r);
    return ();        

But really i'd like something like:

var y = (from r in e.TimeDatas 
         where r.Username.Contains(NameToSearch) 
           AND where r.Date.Contains(Datetosearch)  
         select r);
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You need to use && operator instead of AND one:

var timeData = from t in e.TimeDatas
               where t.Date.Contains(DateToSearch)
                  && t.Username.Contains(NameToSearch)
               select t; 

Now you have access to Date and Username properties through timeData.

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I tried && before and it didn't work, but it worked fine now. So guess it was me being stupid Thanks a lot. – Rhys Drury Jan 24 '13 at 20:53

Replace AND where by && in your expression?

var y  = (from r in e.TimeDatas 
           where r.Username.Contains(NameToSearch) 
             && r.Date.Contains (Datetosearch)  
           select r);
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