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I am needing to grab some JSON from a site and parse it. The problem is that the objects are named "-1" "-2" and so forth.

When I try to parse it, Firebug comes back with, "TypeError: obj is undefined length = obj.length"

Chrome comes back with a similar message, "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined"

For reference, here's a snipet of the JSON:

  "-1": {
     "number": 47,
     "properties": [

And here's the code I'm trying to use.

  $.each(data.-1, function(info,value){

If I download the JSON, save it locally and rename "-1" to "one", rename "-2" to "two", then it works fine. E.G. the JSON becomes:

  "one": {
     "number": 47,
     "properties": [

And my code becomes

    $.each(data.one, function(info,value){

This works fine, but it adds another complicated step.

Is there a way to parse on the original JSON (as it is generated automatically from a server, and changes often), or am I stuck with trying to figure out how to save it locally and change the object names before parsing?

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data.-1 must be referenced as a string using bracket notation.


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Perfect, thanks Kevin –  Andenthal Jan 24 '13 at 20:12
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