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So I'm trying to make a redirect in my routes.rb. I'm getting an error when I leave off my domain.

match "/partners/" => redirect("/partners.html")

Navigating to /partners/ gives this error page:


bad component(expected host component): frontend_rails.dev

However, it does work if I put our full domain in the redirect.

match "/partners/" => redirect("http://example.com/partners.html")

But for my dev server I don't like links to go to our production server. According to the rails doc, this should be added automatically:

In all of these cases, if you don’t provide the leading host (http://www.example.com), Rails will take those details from the current request.

Any ideas why it's not liking my relative redirects? Thanks!

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Try leaving off a few characters: The last / of the match and the .html extension of the target: match "/partners" => redirect("/partners"). It should fit the Rails API Docs Example this way. – Thomas Klemm Jan 24 '13 at 20:27
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Almost a year later and I finally realized what the problem was. It actually WAS a bad URI. The repo in GitHub was called frontend_rails. I used the Pow server, which gives you a host based on your folder name (which, when you check out a project defaults to the name of the GitHub repo), so http://frontend_rails.dev.

However, underscores technically aren't allowed in a URI. This was tripping up the URI gem. I symlinked my project frontend_rails to frontend-rails and now it works. Voilà !

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heureka! took me an hour to figure this out as well. Thanks for posting the solution. – Max Schulze Feb 25 '14 at 16:08

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