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I have a bounding box (0 to 100 in both x and y), a point, a width and a height. The point centers a rectangle given by height and width. How do I find out where to place the rectangle so it doesn't go out of the bounding box?

As an example, x = 100, y = 100, height = 20, width = 20. Here, I should get the coordinates 80/80 here. Same for x=90 and y=90.

I have been told that this problem has been solved, so a link to the corresponding wikipedia page is ok.

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If I understand the problem right, and with the bounding box being (xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax), you could do it like this:

If x + width / 2 > xmax then x = xmax - width / 2
If y + height / 2 > ymax then y = ymax - height / 2
If x - width / 2 < xmin then x = xmin + width / 2
If y - height / 2 < ymin then y = ymin + height / 2
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The x you are assigning to - is it a different coordinate than the input x? –  Reactormonk Jan 24 '13 at 20:49
I am changing the input x,y to values so that the rectangle fits inside the bounding box. So in this case, the x and y are both input and output. This could be changed by using x1,y1 at the left of the assignments. –  xpda Jan 24 '13 at 20:56

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