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I am retrieving a referenceError stating: value is not defined. Im trying to set a Remove button as a value so that it removes the text input associated with the value. But I do not know what to set the value to in order to fix the error because var value='' did not work. What do I suppose to set value to?

Below is code:

function stopImageUpload(success, imageID, imagefilename){

      var result = '';

      if (success == 1){
         result = '<span class="imagemsg'+imagecounter+'">The file was uploaded successfully</span>';   
            $('.hiddenimg').eq(window.lastUploadImageIndex).append('<input type="text" name="imgid[]" id="'+imageID+'" value="' + imageID + '" />');
            $('.listImage').eq(window.lastUploadImageIndex).append('<div>' + htmlEncode(imagefilename) + '<button type="button" class="deletefileimage" data-imageID="'+imageID+'"  data-image_file_name="' + imagefilename + '" value="'+imageID+'">Remove</button><br/><hr/></div>');

  var _imagecounter = imagecounter;

$('.listImage').eq(window.lastUploadImageIndex).find(".deletefileimage").on("click", function(event) {
    jQuery.ajax("deleteimage.php?imagefilename=" + $(this).attr('data-image_file_name')).done(function(data) {
        $(".imagemsg" + _imagecounter).html(data);

    var buttonid = $(this).attr(value);
     $("#"+ buttonid  +"").remove();

      return true;   
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Which live gives you the error? –  Diodeus Jan 24 '13 at 20:23
Are you looking for $(this).val()? Or, since buttonid suggests you are looking for the id, do you want $(this).attr("id")? –  Matt Burland Jan 24 '13 at 20:25

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var buttonid = $(this).attr(value);


var buttonid = $(this).attr('value');

or initialize value to some attribute name.

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It seems like you need

var buttonid = $(this).attr('value');

Or value is an undefined variable

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