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I am working on an android Google Maps app, and am having trouble with map markers.

This question might have a trivial solution but after searching, I have only found links on how to add a marker with a button. What I want is different: I want a marker whose respective dialog box has a button.

Has anyone done anything similar to this?

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There is no "dialog box" associated with markers in Maps V2. Do you mean the info window that appears when you tap on a marker? – CommonsWare Jan 24 '13 at 20:39
@CommonsWare: Sorry for that, but yes exactly that info window. – jhc Jan 24 '13 at 20:41

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While you can create an InfoWindowAdapter, and attach it to your GoogleMap via setInfoWindowAdapter(), to tailor the contents of an info window to contain a Button, the Button will not be clickable. The View you return from getInfoContents() in InfoWindowAdapter is not displayed. Rather, it is converted into a Bitmap, and that image is what is displayed.

However, you can find out when the user taps on the info window via an OnInfoWindowClickListener registered via setOnInfoWindowClickListener() on your GoogleMap.

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Thanks! I did not find good help since I was using dialog instead of info window before. Problem solved! – jhc Jan 24 '13 at 20:48

The remarks from @CommonsWare about the InfoContent getting converted to a Bitmap are true. Therefor you cannot use the InfoWindows. Try to use the GoogleMap.OnMarkerClickListener event instead to display your own view on top of the MapView. The GoogleMap.OnMarkerClickListener will help you to use clicked marker as a parameter.

If you want to display the view on the correct position, you have to calculate the screen-position. Use the Projection's toScreenLocation(LatLng location) method returning Point to convert the LatLng to the screen position w.r.t GoogleMap.

See Projection for more information.

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