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After remove an element from array

afterCellUpdate: function(e, args) {
        d = $('#my-grid').wijgrid('data');
        for(var i in d) {
            // remove element if Zero or is not a Number
            if ((parseFloat(d[i].qty) == 0) ||
                (isNaN(parseFloat(d[i].qty)))) {
        $('#my-grid').wijgrid('ensureControl', true);

Will result in this alert

defaultAfterCellEdit: c is null

How can I handle this message?


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The problem occurs because you are rebinding the grid in the afterCellEdit event handler while grid code calling the event is still executed. A better solution is to use ‘Delete’ button rendered in each row.

You may refer the wijmo forum link i.e. http://wijmo.com/topic/defaultaftercelledit-c-is-null/ for complete description.

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