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I have an action link like:

 <%=Html.ActionLink<ArticlesController>(x => x.Modify(item.id),"Modify") %>

This is working perfectly rendering the link like:


The same view is rendered in another page but this time the link is rendered with an empty href:

<a href="">Modify</a>

Could someone explain me what this is happening?

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Check your action methods are returning the same/correct data. –  David Sep 20 '09 at 14:06

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Does the different view belong to a different controller? What are the properties on the item in that other view/does it have an ID?

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The Futures Html.ActionLink method will inspect your route mapping to determine an appropriate "outbound" URL. Please check your Global.asax.cs file's Application_Start method. Something about the other controller isn't mapping correctly.

Also, where is item.id coming from?

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