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I have a CSS file that uses CSS3 properties (opacity and -moz-* and -webkit-* ones). Of course, it doesn't validate as CSS 2.1. Not a big deal, but nevertheless is it possible to make it valid CSS 2.1?

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Not without not using those selectors, no.

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Illegal values or unknown properties are being ignored. So unless you have a syntax error, you can use those values/properties.

Or do you want to have a valid CSS 2.1 stylesheet just to put a badge on your website?

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It is not possible to validate an invalid CSS.

A CSS with not standard selectors is not valid.

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Validating is the process of testing the validity. And valid and invalid are the results you get when you validate something. – Gumbo Sep 20 '09 at 14:31
Since we know the requirements for a document to be accepted as valid, and since we know one of the requirements in not fulfilled, we can predict the result of the validation process in advance. – user151323 Sep 20 '09 at 14:39

Use all CSS3 properties in another css sheet, and validate that without CSS3 :)

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